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A Novel Victorian Adventure

Why is the Doctor being set up? Suffering from amnesia and after just escaping the events of The Burning the Doctor goes on the run.

Part 1 of a triology


‘…I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects…’ The Picture of Dorian Gray

“And this, Doctor is Mr Dorian Gray, an acquaintance of mine and a good friend to my nephew. Although Henry seems to be living by his own timetable again,” tutted Lady Agatha.
“I am sure he will arrive soon your Ladyship,” replied Dorian, then turned to the Doctor and shook the man’s hand, “It is nice to meet you, Doctor. Erm…Doctor…I didn’t catch the rest of your name.”
“It’s just The Doctor…as far as I remember.”
“What an odd thing to say,” replied Dorian. “You must have had a name at one time or another, or what would people call you?”
“I can’t imagine,” he answered, cutting off that line of conversation. “What do you do Mr Gray?”
“Oh this and that.”
“I hear -,” the Doctor stopped short. He stared at the open door his eyes widening in alarm.
The butler was speaking to a burly gentleman with a moustache, smartly attired in a brown suit covered by a dark trench coat, a hat pulled down over his head and shiny black boots that gave away the fellows occupation. The Doctor glanced out of the window; he could see the policemen surrounding the expensive town house. The net was tightening. He wasn’t sure how the inspector had traced him here. He had been extremely careful. The Doctor hastily excused himself from the conversation edging himself towards one of the exits, trying to look natural as was possible. He thought back to the event that had caused the chain reaction, which had put him into this predicament….


The Doctor had finally reached London and his first task was to set about finding some accommodation. He had not got much money, barely enough for one night in the cheapest hotel and it was already getting dark in the smog filled city. He did not fancy sleeping rough in the streets and there was his newly reformed blue box to deal with. The Doctor decided to leave the cumbersome object where it was for the time being and go in search of a boarding house that would put him up for a couple of nights. As he walked down the cobbled streets he was aware of padded footsteps behind. Someone was following him stealthily. The Doctor quickened his pace, his pursuer matched it. He tried to loose his tail, but whoever it was, was clever. The Doctor turned down a side street hoping to catch his pursuer unawares, but unfortunately he found himself in an alleyway blocked at one end by a high brick wall. His back pressed against the wall he tried to catch a glimpse of whoever was following him through the thick mist. He heard only the sound of laughter he couldn’t tell whether it was a man or not which mocked him from the shadows.
“Who’s there?” he asked curious and somewhat disquieted by the manic laughter. “Show yourself.”
There was a few shuffling steps then a whooshing noise like something wising through the air. The Doctor felt something sting his neck like a wasp or a bee. He brought his hand up to the sting and then blacked out.
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