Gathering of the Doctor’s

Set just before the Night of the Doctor Minisode…what happened to the Eighth Doctor to bring him to Gallifrey in Day of the Doctor.
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The gallery echoed with the Doctor’s lone footsteps. His boots hitting the polished wood floor with determination and green velvet coat billowing out as he headed toward the TARDIS. Grasping the post-it note in his hand. The Doctor’s mind was confused…a painting of Gallifrey. Not just any painting though, timelord technology.
“This should not be here,” he mumbled under his breath. “Not in 1896.”
As he reached the TARDIS he glanced again at the message. It contained co-ordinates and a simple phrase ‘no more’.
He knew what the co-ordinates were. Gallifrey, in the height of the time war. He shook his head. He wouldn’t get involved. He wasn’t a soldier, a warrior he was the Doctor.
Entering the TARDIS the Doctor stuck the note on the console and entered co-ordinates for the opposite side of the universe as far away from Gallifrey as he could get. Pulling the activation lever the TARDIS wheezed into life. But something was wrong the ship juddered and lurched from side to side.
“What are you up to now old girl? Just do as your told,” he wrestled with the controls but they were locked.
He thumped the console, hard. Suddenly the tv screen on the console sprung to life. On it was a young man with floppy dark hair, sporting a bow tie and braces.
“Hello, Hello…are you there?”
“Who are you?” Demanded the doctor “and what have you done to may ship? Release the controls at once!”
“No,” replied bow tie man “Stop being such a Jonah. I knew you would do this…why can’t you do as your told. Always were contrary one weren’t you.”
“You have no right to take control of MY ship!”
“Yes. I do…because its also my ship. Anyway -,” he flapped his arms about as if to over emphasize the change of subject. “We don’t have time for pleasantries. Gallifrey needs us.”
“Us?” suddenly it dawned on him who this might be. “You?”
“Quite,” he turned as if to converse with someone else in the room. “Yes, no…” he turned back to the screen. “You have to take your part…all the others are…even-,” he paused a moment as if rethinking mentioning who this person was. “Well it doesn’t matter. I’ll release you once you take your position. We’re going to save Gallifrey!”
“Is that all? While we’re at it why not throw in a few cybermen, perhaps a zygon or two…I’m sure we’ll be able to save the universe and be back in time for tea. I surely can’t have gone that mad in-,” the Doctor paused a moment. “Which…how many are you after me? Don’t tell me I regenerate into a toddler next…”
“Who are you calling a toddler. At least I have cool hair and a bow tie…bow ties are cool you know.”


The Doctor looked on as the Daleks fired upon each other and Gallifrey vanished. Suddenly the TARDIS sprung in to life…the lock that had been placed on it was released and the ship went catapulting through time and space like relesing an elastic band. He hit the breaks. There was a violent jolt and the Doctor was thrown to the floor, banging his head against the console. Knocking him out cold.
When he awoke to the sound of a mayday call echoing around the TARDIS the events of the message and Gallifrey seemed to be nothing but a foggy, hazy dream. He soon dismissed it as nothing but an apparitian. Getting slowly to his feet he checked the console readings. There was a distress call.
“Help me please. Can anybody help me?”
“Yes!” Declared the Doctor jubilantly. “Yes, I can help. I’m coming! Just hold on-,” he quickly scanned for the source of the signal and plotted a course.


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