Who’s Nemesis

Rose has a nightmare…


The Doctor stood facing his adversary, hands in pockets and serious frown on his face as the sonorous tone of the TARDIS bell rung out warning of danger.
“What did you do it for? Why open the Eye of Harmony,” he asked. “You don’t have to be evil for evil’s sake.”
“I’m not. This is to prove a point.”
“To make a point? To make a point,” he exclaimed. “How did you get us mixed up,” asked the Doctor suddenly turning to Rose his tone sarcastic. “He’s nothing like me. There’s the accent, he’s wearing black, has slicked back hair and has pointy shoes. Pointy shoes Rose! Nothing would posses me to dress like that. You should know better.”
“Well he is the spitting image. How was I to know he was some evil alternate reality version of you? I thought you were just having a funny moment,” replied Rose.
“I don’t have funny moments I’m always like this.”
“Excuse me,” said the Evil Doctor, folding his arms. “But can you stop bickering for just a moment.”
“Ay, ay. Wait a minute, you’ll get your chance soon enough. Not everyone is looking forward to you no-doubt sycophantic rant on how you’re going to take over or destroy the world or the universe. We don’t care.”
“In a minute! Now, Rose this is very important. I have something crucial to say to you.”
“I’m listening Doctor.”
“There is a special weapon in the box over there,” he mumbled out the side of his mouth. “I need you to get it and shoot him while I cause a distraction. Understood?”
“Yes Doctor,” replied Rose.
“Now, you can explain your plan just in time for me to stop you,” said the Doctor pointing at his evil counterpart.
“Oh, I’m not that stupid Doctor. You forget I am you. I know everything you do.”
Rose began to approach the two Doctors the gun in her hand. She felt like she was no longer in control. Her mind told her to stop but her arms raised the gun anyway.
“Rose, what are you doing? Rose its not me it’s him that you have to stop,” exclaimed the Doctor.
“I’m sorry. But I can’t stop him,” she replied almost in tears. “I have to-,”
“Rose no! Rose wake up! Rose!”
“I’m sorry so sorry.”
She fired.
“Rose! Wake-,”
Rose didn’t see what happened afterwards it was like the world faded around her. When she opened her eyes again she saw his face he was standing by her bedside. She looked around the book she had been reading had fallen to the floor and the light was still on.
“Rose wake up. We’re here.”
“You what? Wha-,” she rubbed her eyes, sat up and yawned. “I must have fallen asleep.”
“What are you sorry about by the way? You shouted at me when I tried to wake you.”
“It was nothing. I just had the weirdest dream. You-, oh it doesn’t matter.”
“Nightmares was it?”
“Yeah. It was just a silly nightmare. You don’t have an evil twin do you?”
“No, not last time I checked,” he replied, with a grin.
“Just my imagination then. Like anyone would have actually called something the Eye of Harmony. How silly is that?”
The Doctor, made an unconvincing attempt at a laugh.
“Yeah, how silly would that be,” he added. “Now you go and get Mickey. Tell him we’re ready to go. I’ve just got something to check, be back in a minute.”
Rose watched as the Doctor left. It was strange how his face had changed when she mentioned the Eye of Harmony. Something had worried him and she wasn’t about to let him keep her in the dark about it all.


Rose waited a moment then followed him down the corridor, ducking into various alcoves and other corridors every so often. She didn’t think he knew she was following him. Finally he reached an ancient looking set of double doors flanked by huge stone sculptures, impotent idols guarding what was stored inside. Rose ducked behind the large shield belonging to a set of presumably alien armour. The Doctor pulled open one of the large doors, with both hands, using the large iron ring riveted to the thick oak. The antique hinge let out a protesting groan as the door swung open and she could have sworn a plume of gold dust escaped. The Doctor stepped into the room, Rose moved up to the door, peering through the gap which gave her a view of the room within. She let out a little gasp. Bleeding out of what looked like an almost reptilian eye of rock was the familiar gold glow of the vortex energy. The whole room was filled with it and the Doctor was cursing like a docker.
“Doctor,” she called out. “What’s going on?”
“Get out!” yelled the Doctor. “Quickly.”
“Don’t ask silly questions-,”
The scene in front of her altered before her eyes, the Doctor’s appearance altered. It flickered between a Byronic looking man, his current visage, the previous incarnation and several other different men of various size age and shape.
“What’s happening to you?”
“It’s too late,” the Doctor replied, his voice changing with his appearance. “You need to shut the eye!”
“The eye? What’s the eye?”
“Use the manual override-,”
Rose felt the world around her warp and flex like it was made of rubber, as the Doctor was sucked into the gaping grey maw like water down a plughole.
“No! Doctor!”


Rose woke up her heart beating double time and breathless. She looked around everything was normal, she was in her room on her bed in the TARDIS.
“I’m here,” he replied.
She spun round to see him leaning against the door lintel.
“Is this real or another dream?”
“Real of course. Whatever made you say that?”
“I don’t know,” she muttered. “Its just I had this nightmare and-,”
“And what?”
“You were in it.”
“I wonder what Froid would say about that.”
He grinned.
“Are we there yet, our mystery destination?”
“Yeah, come on.”
Rose suddenly noticed that the Doctor was moving away from her. She went to move but he drifted further and further away, a huge void of black separating them.
“Doctor! Doctor don’t leave me!”
“Just jump, come on I’ll catch you,” he replied, holding his arms out. “Trust me…jump.”
“I can’t! I won’t make it!”
“Yes, you will, just believe. Jump! Jump! Jump!”
She leapt reaching out for him, but with a sickening lurch in her stomach, she felt herself falling.


Rose opened her eyes with trepidation, fearful of what nightmare she would experience next. The Doctor’s familiar mug hovered inches from her face.
“She’s awake, that’s good, that is very good.”
“The one and only,” he replied drawing back. “Welcome back to the land of the living. We thought we had lost you…several times.”
“Lost me?”
“You’re in hospital. I told you, I warned you about eating alien food-,”
“What are you talking about?”
“You ate a Leodenri Apple. It’s a powerful hallucinogen and rather toxic to humans.”
“That explains the dreams.”
“Are you ok? You look a little uneasy-,”
“I’m just not sure…every time I think it’s real everything goes weird.”
“What kind of weird?”
“First you had an evil twin, and then there was this room with a stone eye which sucked you away.”
“A stone eye?”
“The eye of harmony?”
“How did you know what it was called?”
“I-I’m not sure.”
“What else happened in this dream?”
“I woke up and you were there again but this time the floor opened up and I fell-,”
“I woke up here.”
She shrugged her shoulders.
“Very odd, very, very odd.”
“You said that the apple was a hallucinogen, wasn’t it just that making me dream?”
“Of course it was.”
“You don’t look convinced.”
“Oh, I am,” he smiled unconvincingly. “Let’s get you home, your mum will be missing you.”

The EndSet just before Army of Ghosts.


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