What if….

This story takes part during the episode Smith and Jones. Filling in the bits you don’t see and what might have happened afterwards.

We all work together
“Right,” said the patient in room 102.
His name was Mike, well that’s what it said on his medical records. He knew that wasn’t correct, but no matter how many times he told them they never believed him. ‘Pass him on to psychiatric’ was all they’d said at his protestations. But now was his time to shine. The aliens were here.

“Right, if everyone here can run to the other side of the building -you can scream if you want – we will tip the hospital up.”
“What good will that do?” asked the other patient.
“Slow the aliens down.”
“Now. 1, 2, 3, run!”

Can I borrow a pen?
“This won’t work,” said Josh. “They’ll notice.”
Mike scrabbled through the desk, ignoring the body of the consultant on the floor.
“We just need a black marker pen.”
“How do you know its not some special ink?”
“Shut up! Ah-ha found it, our ticket to freedom. Hold your hand out.”
He drew a cross on his and the other patient’s hand.
“I hope you are right about this.”
“So do I.”
Don’t you know who I am?
“Don’t you know who I am?” exclaimed Mike as he was bundled into the back of the ambulance.
He struggled to escape their grip.
“I’m the Doctor!”
“No, sir, you’re the patient – that’s why you’re wearing pyjamas.”
“No no no, not a doctor. I’m the Doctor!”
That made them think twice. A soldier in a UNIT uniform approached the vehicle.
“What did you say?” asked the man.
“I said I’m the Doctor…and I can prove it. I saved everyone. I made the Judoon go away.”
“Did you really? Who are the Judoon?”
“The great big stomping space rhinos who trampled through this place. Look if I wasn’t the Doctor how come I know so much about aliens?”
Nice Office
He hadn’t even had time to change his clothes, still dressed in striped pyjamas and dressing gown Mike had been taken to see the UNIT commander at once.
“Nice office,” he quipped.
“Who is this?” the military gentleman demanded.
“He say’s he is the Doctor, sir.”
“Does he really?”
“He matches the last know eyewitness descriptions-,”
The commander stared at Mike with an appraising stare.
“Scruffy dark hair, dressed in…well we can’t rely on that, tall…I suppose so, skinny…sort of. That could describe half the layabouts in London.”
“I am the Doctor,” said Mike with a grin, like he had observed the Doctor do.
“It all seems to fit so far…”
“What? What’s the problem? My sonic screwdriver broke when I adjusted the x-ray machine, if that’s what you were going to ask.”
“No, that’s not it. How many hearts do you have?”

Maybe this was a bad idea
Mike clambered out of the small window of the toilet located in UNIT HQ. He didn’t want to be poked and prodded anymore by their doctors. He had made his excuses to slip off to the loo and was currently wavering half out the window, realising that this being the fourth floor it wasn’t such a good idea. Too late to go back now. He heard the toilet door swing open. He scrambled nimbly onto the small window shelf and began to edge along it towards the drainpipe.

Commander Stanton, twittered the nerdy scientist, waving the test results in the air like a flag. We have conclusive evidence.
What the blazes are you doing barging into my office without knocking?
Im sorry, sir. But this is very important and you asked me to inform you straight away.
Go on-, replied Stanton. You were saying something about conclusive evidence.
Yes, his DNA its definitely been altered
Yes to look human, maybe, but its rather a clumsy attempt if I do say so myself.
Look human?
Quite. The way he was butchered its a miracle he is even alive. And there are signs of trauma.
What kind of trauma?
Torture most probably and brainwashing. Oh, and someone has removed one of his hearts.
HeartsDo you know what species he is?
Its very hard to tellI would need to consult a specialist, my former colleague Professor Laudna has more experience in aliens than I.
Hes with Torchwood though, I doubt they will co-operate without wanting all the information, Stanton frowned, he hated sucking up to that particular organisation. All too often nowadays they were on the scene first with the equipment he would love to have but budgets decried as unnecessary. Where is the patient now?
Call of nature-,
Ah, better not let him know were onto himplay along for a while until we can figure out whether he is a hostile or not.

You can run faster in slippers
He ran down the street, dodging staring passer-bys, in his pyjamas and dressing gown wondering what UNIT would do to him if he was caught. Mike dived down a side street and noticed some washing hanging on a line in one of the gardens belonging to the terraced buildings that boarder the ally. Against the wooden partition were some bins. Checking first that no one had seen him take this route, he experimentally tested the lid of the bin, hoping it would take his weight. Then with a grunt he heaved himself over the fence pushing off of the bin and landing heavily on the other side. He got shakily to his feet, reaching up and grabbing miscellaneous items from the line; a pair of baggy jeans, a loose plaid shirt and a jumper obviously knitted by the owners elderly relative. Unfortunately there were no shoes available except for an unappealing muddy pair of wellingtons standing in the corner by the back door, but he could run faster in slippers. He opened the gate from inside and stuffed the pyjamas and dressing gown in the bins along with the little wristband with his identity on. Without a second thought he stepped back out into the crowded street blending in with the rest of the public.

Down and out
It had been over a week since he had escaped. Mikes stomach rumbled with hunger, as he shivered with cold. He lent against the hard bark pulling his knees up to his chest, trying to shelter from the rain under a tree. He felt tired, weak and dirty. He had no money, no friends or family and no place to go. He was tempted to get himself sectioned again just for some rest bite. He closed his eyes. He hadnt been able to sleep well for a long time, before he was at the hospital even.

His sleep was full of nightmares, of death and destruction. He watched impotently unable to prevent atrocities being committed to people who he sensed he knew and cared about. And then there was a moment that always came where he stood there with a weapon he did not recognise. He had a chance to take revenge, but he couldnt do it, he wouldnt sink to their level. The creature was pure evil and he still couldnt pull the trigger. A womans voice spoke to him with panicked words which were cut short. The creature he had failed to destroy had killed again. He cradled the woman in his arms, anger and sorrow welling inside him. He shouted something and thats when the creature replied, its voice chilling to the very bone. It said something more terrifying than its comrades usual chant of EXTERMINATE. He was to be taken alive for processing.

Mike suddenly woke up with a jolt, sweating although he was, soaked through with rain. He looked around in the dim morning light. No one was up yet, the park was deserted. His head ached as did his entire body. He staggered to his feet, shaky and unsure, leaning against the tree for support. He felt abnormally warm even though the air was cold. It was time to move on.

Faded Memories
He grabbed hold of the metal fence which enclosed the park to steady himself, as he wobbled like a drunkard. But he hadnt had a drop of alcohol to drink. Mike felt unwell, but he couldnt go back to the hospital with all their tests, poking him with needles, taking samples of everything under the sun and telling him he was mad. He didnt want to be a lab rat anymore. He wanted to be free and to forget the faded memories of an old life which haunted him. He gazed at his reflection in a puddle of rainwater, this wasnt his face. He wasnt supposed to look like this. The cursed creatures had done this to him, forcing him to change over and over until one day he had escaped. When he had told the doctors and nurses at the hospital what had happened they pretended to understand, humouring him, but he knew they laughed at his stories, his explanations. He wasnt like them. He had dared to stand up to the Daleks (the name of the creatures, it made him want to wretch), and organised a rebellion amongst the prisoners. Most of his fellow rebels had fallen to the enemy, but they had expected to loose the majority of the escapees, death was better than what the creatures had and would do to them. Only ten of the sixty made it off world and half of them were shot down either by the Daleks or their own people paranoid about a second wave of attacks. Mike didnt know how far those few survivors got, he had been lucky his escape pod buffeted by time winds had landed on Earth. Most of the events after the landing were a blur, his short term memory was still a little erratic, but his long term was slowly coming back to him.
The Doctor, he mumbled under his breath.
He dropped to his knees clutching his chest where is other heart should be.
Help me, Doctor, a plume of gold evanescence seeped from his mouth carrying his words. Help me.

The Other Side
A plume of golden light and flew through the doors and impacted against the Time Lords chest. Martha let out a yelp as the Doctor fell forward onto the floor of the TARDIS, banging his head on the console on the way down.
Doctor, she said turning him over. Can you hear me?
Of course I can, he replied sitting bolt upright. Im not deaf you knowOuch! He held his hand to his head. That hurts, a lot.
What just happened?
Oh, interspatial telegram, vortex drums, the grapevinecall it what you like that was a cry for help, and not one that many species are capable of-, he began to start up the TARDIS.
So were going to go answer this distress call?
The Doctors face suddenly went all serious. There was something in his eyes a guilt, sadness maybe.
Its my duty.


They both stepped out the TARDIS into the damp morning air. Martha looked around already assessing their location.
Its Earth isnt it?
Yep, replied the Doctor, making the p pop. Contemporary to your timeline as well.
So where is the alien in distress? And how do you know its not a trap?
Martha Jones, youve hardly travelled long in my company and youre already seeing conspiracies.
Well, everyone we meet appears to be out to kill you.
She folded her arms.
What can I say, Im a popular guy, he started striding forward. Look out for anyone, odd or out of place.
Thats not difficult, Martha replied with a hint of sarcasm, heading towards the park exit.
Suddenly she spotted a figure slumped on the pavement just outside. No one else took any notice of him, assuming he was just some drunk or drugged up vagrant. But she recognised him from the hospital.
Doctor! Doctor, come over here, she yelled. Quickly!

Who to Blame
Between them both Martha and the Doctor had managed to carry Mike to the TARDIS. They laid him down on a hospital gurney that seemed to have appeared out of thin air in the console room.
Maybe this is what the face of Boe meant by youre no alone?
Cant be, its too obvious.
Martha placed her hand on his forehead it was burning hot, as beads of sweat poured down his face.
Hes got a fever, she exclaimed.
Thats just a symptom, replied the Doctor grabbing some odd looking equipment from a pile of junk in the corner. Theres something much more terrible happening to him.
Hold these, he handed her two wires. He is haemorrhaging artron energy. The TARDIS should manage his condition temporarily, wait there Ill be back in a moment-,
He rushed off into the depths of the TARDIS, leaving her standing there like an idiot.
Whats artron energy? Never mind, she put the wires down and began to remove Mikes damp clothing. At least we can get you into some dry clothes.
Martha noticed that his body was crisscrossed with ugly scars and patches of his torso had suffered burns which had gone untreated.
Who did this to you, she asked, not expecting an answer.
His eyes suddenly snapped open and he grabbed her wrist.
No more tests, he gasped, and squeezed her wrist tighter. Promise me no more tests.
I promise, she replied, hoping she wouldnt have to break her word. Now, let go. Youre hurting me.
Im sorry.
He looked around, cautiously at first, then it seemed recognition dawned on him. His eyes almost bulged out their sockets. He sat up using what little energy he had.
I know, pretty amazing huh? said Martha.
They came for me, he smiled, closing his eyes for a moment as if offering up a silent prayer of thanks. I thought I was the only one left.
Mike suddenly hugged her.
Excuse me, she exclaimed, pulling away. Are you all this amorous or is it just me?
You can fly the TARDIS cant you? Take me back to Gallifrey?
No, and I have no idea what you are talking about.
Youre not a Time Lady then? he asked, confused and a little disappointed.
No way. The Doctor is the one you want, hes a Time Lord.
Oh-, His entire countenance lost its bounce. Not him.

Trojan Horse
You were expecting someone else? asked the Doctor from over by the internal double doors. In his arms were several lengths of cable.
No I was hoping it was, Mike stopped mid-sentence and took a deep breath. Someone I could trust.
You can trust me, he grinned. Look at my face, now wouldnt you trust that face?
You fired on your own people.
The statement was blunt but it immediately conveyed to Martha that there was something more to this patient.
I had no choice, all the humour of before now gone from the Doctors voice. I couldnt risk the Daleks breaking the blockade.
We gave the correct codes.
They were out of date, you could have been compromised, a Trojan horse sent by the Daleks.
You had our bio signatures, explained Mike, his anger barely contained. We stayed loyal, suffered indignities. We endured torture to protect the secrets of the Time Lords, and then you repay our sacrifice by murder.
It was a decision made in the heat of battle, with hindsight it may not have been the best course of action, but I had to be sure. I did my duty as did you. If you want to blame someone blame the Daleks. They are fit to be made objects of ridicule and hatred.
There was such venom in those last sentences, that it frightened Martha. She took a step back, glancing at them both.
Maybe it would be best if-, she began.
Stay there, said the Doctor, in a commanding voice. She obeyed. So what is your name? Martha here says its Mike.
I dont know.
How can you remember the Time War and yet not recall your own name?
The creatures, he took a deep breath before continuing. They took my memories, ripped them out like they ripped out my heart still beating and put it in one of their mutated disciplesthe next generation of D-, he tried to speak but the name choked in his throat. He held his head in his hands, and shuddered.
She noticed how the Doctor was affected but tried to cover over his emotions. So overcome he couldnt speak.
Are you alright? asked Martha, putting a hand on his shoulder. He nodded.
I heard stories from our spies but I didnt believe that even the Daleks could do something like that, the Doctor paused, swallowing loudly. How many?
There were nearly a hundred to begin with, the younger ones, men and women.
All forced to regenerate over and over again until they died. Mike looked up, his eyes moist with tears, pleading. We won didnt we? It was worth it?
The Doctor glanced down at the floor, contemplating his answer.
Yeah, we won. A sharp intake of air. We also lost. Gallifrey is gone and so are the Time Lords. We are the last of our kind.
Ive seen the extinction of many species but never expected to witness the end of my own people. What of thecreatures?
They burned, he replied, unable to confess that some had survived. Rose had eliminated them and he had cast the rest into the void. It wasnt worth splitting hairs over. They burned with Gallifrey.


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