The Bazaar Truth

This may count as my shortest 11th doctor story….
“What’s this,” exclaimed Amy, holding up the bright red fez she had found masquerading as a flowerpot.
“I wondered where that went,” replied the Doctor snatching it from her hands and placing it carefully on his head.
“Ah-ha, no. You are not wearing that.”
“I’d look odd without it….I’m a master of disguise”
“Here?” asked Rory, finally getting a word in edgeways.
“Here,” he opened the doors of the TARDIS to reveal a bustling alien Baazaar, “just a small pit stop, need to pick up one small item-,”
The Doctor rushed off into the crowds without finishing his thought calling back, “Oh and stay there I’ll only be a minute!”

Two minutes later……

The Doctor ran through the market clutching a small metal lamp in his arms, and apologizing as he bashed into the milling people, trying to ignore the shouts of his pursuers. He spotted the TARDIS, Amy and Rory standing in front of it and hearing Amy mention the word “shopping”.
“Into the TARDIS! Now!'” the Doctor yelled as a bolt of light from a gun scythed through the air vaporizing his fez. “Not another one” he grumbled under his breath.

Inside the TARDIS…

“A lamp!” exclaimed Amy.
“A magic one,” he replied patting his head with a look of consternation on his face, “doesn’t feel right now, hats…hats are the future. I need a new hat…Rory pass me that box over there.”
He pointed to a blue and white striped hat box that seemed to have always been there and yet definitely wasn’t a moment ago. Rory obeyed without thinking and passed it over.
“A magic lamp? Who do you think you are Aladdin?” asked Amy continuing the conversation despite the Doctor rummaging inside the apparently bottomless box.
The Doctor looked up momentarily from his search, “well-,”
“River was right…its always you. What!?”
This last exclamation was prompted by the Doctor placing a be-feathered cavalier hat on his head.
“Snazzy eh?”
“You are NOT wearing that!”


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